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CHUBB / ACE Insurance
436 Walnut Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19106

In 2008 and then again in 2012 PCS completed an extensive ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit and LEED Study for ACE Insurance.  The study encompassed the 363,000 square feet, 12 story building which houses 900 employees.  The building was constructed in two parts. The original section referred to as the north building was constructed near 1924. This portion of the building consists of a subbasement boiler room, basement, first floor, partial mezzanine and floors second through eight. The north building is topped with a penthouse mechanical equipment room. The typical north-building floor has a gross area of 10,480 Sq. Ft. The overall gross area of the north building is 109,600 Sq. Ft. The second section of the building is referred to as the south building. The south section was constructed near 1971.  This portion of the building consists of a basement area mainly occupied by a parking garage.

The owner approved and implemented projects and PCS provides ongoing engineering and construction administration services including: Cooling Tower Winterization, Coil Replacement, Switchgear Replacement, Stair Tower Exit, Handrail replacement, Lightning Protection Plans, Acoustics and Vibration Analysis, Fire Pump Controllers, and Security Office Alterations.

CHUBB / ACE Delaware
1 Beaver Valley Road
Wilmington, DE

PCS completed an extensive building infrastructure study and ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit for ACE Delaware’s 269,000 square foot, 4-story facility, which was built in 1983.  The building is situated in a rural area on a developed site that is approximately 37 acres. The developed site is occupied by another office building and elevated parking garage. The site size occupied by the ACE building and associated parking is approximately 20 acres. All parking is outdoor ground surface parking. The building consists of four levels all above ground. The total conditioned space is 250,645 square feet with 9,550 square feet of the conditioned space heated and the remaining area of 241,095 square feet heated and cooled.

The current building occupancy is 680 to 700 people but future occupancy may reach 1100 people.
CHUBB / ACE Club and Conference Center
800 Ridge Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

In 2012, PCSEngineering completed an extensive Building System and ASHRAE Level II Energy Study of the ACE Club’s 162,000 square feet facility built in 1980.  The 4 story facility includes a Conference Center and Golf Club located on 230 acres in suburban Philadelphia.

The Center building including units 1, 2, 3 and 4 total 161,718 square foot of gross floor area with 137,160 square feet of conditioned space. The facility has no indoor parking. The building envelope consists of 71,500 square feet of roof, 44,500 square feet of wall area and 21,000 square feet of glass. The facility includes an extensive patio area adjacent to the recreation wing.

The Clubhouse constructed near 2003 is a total of 32,464 square foot of gross floor area with 16,575 square feet of air-conditioned space from AHU-1, 1,940 square feet of heated space from AHU-1 and 5,200 square feet of storage space heated by unit heaters. The facility has no indoor parking. The building envelope consists of 10,895 square feet of roof, 9,234 square feet of wall area and 4,542 square feet of glass. The facility includes an extensive covered patio area and covered carport entrance.

Owner implemented PCS recommendations and completed projects yielding system improvements and annual energy cost savings.  PCS provided engineering design and construction administration for recent projects including:
  • Lafayette Ball Room HVAC Unit Replacement
  • ACE Club HVAC Alterations