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Holy Family University
Philadelphia Campus
9801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19114

In 2015, PCS Engineering was retained by the Chadwick Service Company to perform professional  Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA include mechanical systems) and an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit of six campus buildings including; Holy Family Hall, Saint Josephs Hall, Campus Center, Library Building, Education and Technology Center and the Nurses Education Building. The FCA included an inspection of the existing conditions, documenting of all major HVAC equipment, recommendations for the building heating and air conditioning systems replacement or alterations. The level of analysis was elevated on the buildings that have not been recently renovated or newly constructed. The recommendations include options for up-grading systems to produce significant energy savings, better system operation and improved comfort levels. Construction cost estimates were prepared for Holy Family Hall as a guide to evaluate order of magnitude costs.

Construction cost estimates are conceptual order of magnitude prices. Estimates are based on contractors cost estimates with local labor rates, including allowances for all fees, permits and 10% contingency. Conclusive reports include Return Of Investment based on Energy Savings Payback. 

2016 Engineering Projects completed by PCS:
Holy Family Hall HVAC Engineering Design,
Holy Family Campus Center Chiller / Boiler AHU Alteration Design