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The Philadelphian Condominium
2401 Pennsylvania Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19130

The Philadelphian on the Parkway was built in 1963 then converted to a condominium in 1980 and is the largest condominium building in the state of PA with over 770 units which spreads through 3 wings.   The property includes studio through 3 bedroom penthouse homes, professional office spaces, a restaurant, grocery store, pharmacy, indoor/outdoor pools, underground parking garage and the best view of the City!

Steve Peel has worked closely with the Owner’s Association and building managers since 1999.  Engineered projects have been planned and executed with a fully occupied building.   Increase efficiency of current systems ROI payback, energy efficiency and cost reduction are always achieved through engineering design and equipment selection. While some projects involve the replacement of systems, PCS has utilized all technologies available to design system alterations that increase efficiency of current systems.    PCS is proud to work with Philadelphia’s Best Maintained Condominium for 15 years!

Several Projects have included:
  • $5,000,000 Improvement to Central Heating and Cooling Plant
  • Multi-zone VRF system and energy recovery systems
  • Dual Temperature Piping System Replacement and alterations
  • Domestic Water Booster system.
  • Building Service Water Heating System
  • Parking Garage Ventilation